Youth & TLC

Dutch Top Trainer Marc Visschers

Kids eagerly waiting in the bench for the TLC training to start.

A video that was shot at TLC. Click on the play icon to watch!

Youth is Key!

Ever since the 2013/2014 season we have been truly involved with youth. We are the only top league team organization that provides the local youth hockey players with free tickets for our 1st team home matches! These tickets costs €7,50 per match but youth wearing their Eindhoven hockey team jersey are given free access. We do this to let them see what they are working for and to motivate them to train even harder and go for it.

Another 100% unique initiative is that we as a top league organization started our own youth academy called TLC. TLC stands for Top League Class and was started in the 2016/2017 season. The name suggests exactly what it is: A class that prepares young talents for their entrance at the Dutch top league level. This may sound a bit unrealistic but we have some great examples in

our current 1st team that who a very young age (16 and 17) made their first entrance.

TLC only works with the best trainers. Last season at TLC one of the trainers we worked with was Marc Visschers. Without doubt Marc is the best Dutch youth talent developer. Marc is the only Dutchman having a fourth degree trainers certificate and is currently finishing his 5th academic degree! The other top trainers we hired had an American (Larry Suarez) and Canadian (Raymond Gallagher) background. Also some of our 1st team players were involved in training the kids. When managed in the right way this even further improves the result of the program.

TLC obviously needs budget. Ice needs to be hired and the best trainers Dutch money can buy do not come for free. That’s where our sponsors come in! Phenomworld is such an example. They added some extra sponsor budget which was earmarked to TLC!